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updated 4/11

1. Any senior 4-H member, regardless of race, color or national origin, in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade (in August of 2011) who has not completed high school is eligible to seek the position of 4-H State Officer.

2. Candidate must be currently enrolled in 4-H, and remain active through the term of office.

3. 4-H'er should have a good 4-H project and leadership record in the county. This should be documented in the nomination packet using the application information.

4. Officer must be willing and able, to the best of his or her ability, to attend State meetings held during the school year, as well as in the summer. This includes planning meetings for major events.


1. The attached Nomination Packet for Georgia 4-H Board of Directors received by June 13th, to Jenny Jordan (311 Hoke Smith Annex-UGA, Athens, Georgia 30602) will have the nominee's name included in the program and other areas.  Packets recevied after the 13th will be included if possible. 

2. Nomination packets will be accepted at State 4-H Council registration and until the opening of Candidate Orientation at State 4-H Council.   Nominations received at Council will be considered nominations from the floor.

3. All nomination packets must have original signatures in section three and four. Faxes, emails and other forms of signature will not be accepted.

4. Information in section two of the applications will be available to voting delegates during State 4-H Council.

2. A county may submit more than one nomination.


1.  Candidates may hang one poster for display in the assigned campaign area during State 4-H Council.  Posters may not be hung prior to the designated time of 5:30 p.m. and must be removed at the close of State 4-H Coucil.  Posters must hang flat against th wall.
2.  Candidates may wear or carry additional posters.   These may only be carried or worn by the candidate and not other delegates.

3. The use of favors, letters, handbills, PA systems by the candidates before or during the campaign may result in disqualification.  
4. Candidates by begin campaiging at Rock Eagle 4-H Center at the assigned registration time for State 4-H Council For example, if the program begins registration at 5:30 campaigning on Center begins at 5:30.  Posters may not be hung prior to this time nor may candidates dress in campaign apparrell.

New this year: Campaigning will end at the opening of the general election polls. This means candidates must put down their signs, change out of costumes and may not stand and yell slogans or encouragement to vote for an individual candidate during voting. Candidates designated campaign poster from item #1  will hang in the polls during this time.

Candidates may reconvene with campaigning during the district elections.

5.  Candidates are required to attend the Candidate's Orientation meeting at State 4-H Council.
6.  Candidates will make a presentation on stage during State 4-H Council as assigned at the Candidate's Orientation Meeting.
7.  Campaign presentations must be made live by the candidate. Candidates may not "lipsync" prerecorded voices even their own voice.. Candidates may use recorded music in their presentation. Any recorded item must be on cd and submitted at orientation. CD's should be labeled with the candidate's name, county and the track number of the music.
8. Campaign presentations are limited to two minutes. Candidates should spend 50% of the two minutes discusing their 4-H involvement and qualifications for state office.
9.  No other individual's are permitted to be part of the candidate's presentation.
10. Special props within reason are permissible. Candidates must furnish all props.  No automobiles, fire or water are allowed in skits or campaigning.  
11.  Presentations and campaign slogans can not alluded to violations in the 4-H Code of Conduct.
12.  Candidates will be asked at least one question before the State 4-H Council delegation to answer extemporaneously.
13.  Candidate presentations  must be reviewed & approved by the candidate's county Extension agent/4-H prior to State 4-H Council.


1. Voting delegates will vote from the entire group of nominees in selecting the at-large offices.

2. A second election will be held with voting delegates casting votes for delegates within their district. This pool of nominees will consist only those 4-H'ers in that district who were not elected as at-large officers.

3. All officers will be announced by office at the State 4-H Council closing assembly.

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